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The Making of a Silver Warrior Cuff ......

What an interesting commission this was. Lady's dogs were damaging her arm jumping up and she needed armour! So, an etched silver warrior cuff was requested.

First up, how to make the shape required to exactly fit her arm. Must admit the geometry was a touch challenging .....

Silver arrives covered in blue plastic like this

Upscaled my Cherry Tree in Bud design to fit the size of the cuff and applied resist for the etch.

Moment of truth for my geometry skills. It fits!!!!!

Piece is to be electro etched, involving Cupric Nitrate and a variable DC power supply.

First, I had to make an enormous Cathode of Copper as I don't usually etch quite this size (I will do more in future now method is tried and tested!).

Calculate area of silver to be removed during the etch and then etching time.

In we go and on with the power and the timer!

It's working with a vengeance .....

Time's up and out comes the sludgy mess, but I know it's OK as I can feel the depth of edge with my nail (yes, I was wearing gloves, for once ;)

Fair bit of rinsing and then removal of remaining resist and we have this:

Lovely deep even etch - so much more controllable than acid etching!

Now, mark up from the template, saw out the shape and refine with files and sandpapers

I don't have pictures of the shaping on oval mandrel, adjusting the gap to be parallel and accurate and the final multiple polishings to get the finish I want but I don't want to bore you ........

Original finished bench shot

And a bit of a more pro pic when it arrived back from the hallmarking at the London Assay Office and had it's final fettling!

Fortunately, she loves it!

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